Writer // Game Designer // Creative Director

Hi, I’m Bennett.

I am a writer and game designer with a decade of experience creating industry leading products for mobile and VR.

As a Narrative Designer, I combine compelling worlds with the engaging game-play to explore them.

I solve complex problems at the intersection of data and design, crafting a user’s emotional experience.


Senior Designer


As a Designer I got my start doing content and features for live games. I learned how to read and interpret data in order to make more informed design choices.

I know how to use Game Design to improve KPIs on a project, how to A/B test for results, and how to tune monetization strategies without alienating users.

My work has spanned the technical scripting elements of design, the heavy spreadsheet skills for creating game systems, the documentation and management of designs across a whole project’s lifespan, and the high level creative and technical ideation to create and improve games.

Game Design is ultimately about crafting an interactive User Experience, and my knowledge across multiple aspects of design gives me a unique ability to see a game holistically and communicate a strong vision to a team.

Lead Writer


As a Writer, I have been creating interactive stories since I was 15. I got my start where most people probably did - behind the DMs screen at a tabletop game. My first professional role as a Designer required me to create new stories every two weeks, and I learned to iterate quickly, write as part of team, and continually push for the most effective words to convey an idea.

I have written creative copy for games and marketing, full screenplays for narrative driven titles, and technical documentation to convey ideas to multiple departments. My writing has spanned supporting and creating original IPs as well on-brand content for prestige IP owners like Disney, MGM, AMC, and HBO.

I have lead writing teams at Zynga, Disney, Glu, and Survios and directed VO and Stage Motion Capture as well.

As someone with both technical and creative skills, I work closely to oversee the art and design teams to create and implement visual narrative elements that help the game feel like an authentic space instead of a series of linear hallways to facilitate game play.